Heritage Echizen kozo by Iwano Ichibei

The pinnacle of Echizen washi, an archetype of Japanese fine art papers.


This paper is NOT sized.

Ready-to-mix sizing agent (hides-based) for effective sizing



If you require a solid white surface, a foundation white layer can be laid in Gofun white. Use our ready-mix organic Gofun (100% ground wild oyster shell.

This paper can be used sized or unsized

Kozo, with kaolinite clay particles

Deckled edge

Free of laid lines (though it is slightly visible against light)

Pale natural white. The colour will whiten over time.

95 gsm

(Please note: Japanese paper is generally lighter in weight per thickness than pulp/cotton based papers.)


Please contact us if you require the paper for public commissions and other fine art editions. We can accommodate individual orders. Please allow plenty of time however.

Limited availability. The large format without laid lines is rare.


The highly sought after paper is by the living national treasure Iwano Ichibei and his family workshop in the depths of Echizen, where he has privileged access to the most upstream natural water.

Ideal for demanding printing processes both classical and modern, that require repeated pressings. The paper can maintain precision throughout and absorb ink to render the deepest saturation.

The paper is widely recognized as the ideal paper for woodblock printing, Moku-hanga. The paper inherits the most authentic lineage of the great kozo papers Echizen produced throughout history. The likes of Hokusai and Hiroshige all pressed on these pure kozo papers.

100% Nasu-Daigo Kozo, the highest quality kozo mulberry in Japan.

Made by Iwano Ichibei

Read more about the mill here

Honoka Masuda

Iwano Ichibei is currently the only individual in the craft who holds the distinction of cultural heritage status. He is the 9th generation of a family dedicated to the craft. Since his father’s time, the family has specialised in Echizen Hosho, thick pure kozo paper. His father played a central role in surviving the craft when pressure to transition to industrial pulp was more than immense, and paved the way for quality woodblock printing papers. The uncompromising work continues to this day in exactly the same setting.

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