One of a kind kozo sheets by the Izumo master craftsman 



100% kozo

Approx. 96 x 28cm

Deckled edge

Natural white and pale flamingo pink (iron oxide derived) and pale turquoise/ light teal (indigo derived)

45 gsm

(Please note: Japanese paper is generally lighter in weight per thickness than pulp/cotton based papers.)

Please contact us with a product name if you require further information.

The sculptural vein marks stem from the drying boards which have been passed down through generations, most likely from fir wood. These boards carry some of the most beautifully sculpted veins.

There are traditions of papermaking with visible vein marks throughout the country, however none embrace their power more eagerly than this Izumo mill.

Great paper for writing and line drawing that can take advantage of the surface.

Great for letters, reception cards, invitations, letter presses etc, both with sharp edges and fibrous edges.

For fibrous edges, Kuisaki (which is a simple method of wetting paper along a thin straight line with a brush, giving a nudge to the paper along the line with a blunt tip, and flatly pulling it apart slowly into two sheets), is a great method that will create almost identical edges to the original deckled edges.


Produced by Idani Shinji, Hiikawa Washi

Read more about the mill


Honoka Masuda

Hiikawa washi is situated by the upstream Hiikawa river, inland on Izumo, in the midst of one of the best preserved wilderness in the country with its own kozo farmland. The centuries-old classic facilities actively produce authentic papers. The mill produces superb papers unique to the environment and is well-connected to local industries. The south of the mill leads to the country’s best producers of Bengara iron oxide red, while scattered around the region are ancient steel foundries as the land is a host to the best ironsand deposits.

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