IZUMO KUMOGAMI by Izumo Mingel-shi Kobo

Legendary Mingei paper by the late master Abe Eishiro, truthfully succeeded by his posterities. A piece of history.


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100% Mitsumata

Approx. 100 x 60cm

Deckled edge

Colour as seen

60 gsm

(Please note: Japanese paper is generally lighter in weight per thickness than pulp/cotton based papers.)

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Historic paper by the historic mill of Izumo Mingei-shi Kobo -- A central figure in the Mingei movement, parallel to the Arts and Crafts.

The design and the craft have been passed down directly from the late master to the two grandsons, Shinichirou and Norimasa.

The paper has such a human touch beyond what representations are able to convey.  Very rural, yet very sophisticated.

Patterns differ slightly in each sheet as all are handmade.

Great for everyday use - true to the Mingei spirit - writing, wrapping and any other use. Many however decide simply to frame.

The paper employs the classical method of incorporating dyed fibres into plain fibres to make integrated patterns. The so-called Kumogami is traditionally made on ganpi-based paper for Japanese alphabet calligraphy in few elite mills across the country. In this paper the method is reworked in the completely original way of Mingei by the late Abe Eishiro and has been such an iconic design ever since.

Produced by Izumo Mingei-shi Kobo

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Honoka Masuda

The late Abe Eishiro established Izumo Mingei-shi Kobo in 1933 in the midst of Mingei movement as the central mill upholding the true value and quality of Mingei-shi folk art papers. The secluded mill in a valley of inland Izumo is an embodiment of Mingei spirit in their rural setting, the methods, the tools, the ambience, the personalities, and the materials. The mill’s papers are uniquely local, taking a great care of the history of papers in this particular region. The rich wilderness that surrounds the mill provides a rare wealth of resource for high quality ganpi – a material that can only be harvested wild. 

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