JADO-SHI by the Nishida Washi Kobo mill, SEKISHU

Paper in the pursuit of strength-to-weight ratio


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This paper can be used sized or unsized

100% Kozo

103 x 61cm

Deckled edge

Raw fibre amber brown, green hues

90g per square meter

(Please note: Japanese paper is generally lighter in weight per thickness than pulp/cotton based papers.)


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This is one of the strongest papers around.

The paper is the up-to-date fruition of decades long refinement in close consultation with the production teams of Iwami Kagura, one of the most high-energy theatre traditions in Japan.

“Jado” literally translates as “serpent’s body.” The paper has been engineered for 17 metre-long concertinaed giant serpents. It lasts through years of active performances and practices. The use ends only when it has become too soft, rarely through suffering irreparable damage. The papers stripped of the retired “Orochi” serpents are restored as our Orochi-gami.



Great paper for all purposes. Strength is a clear advantage for projects that involve brute force and deliberate distressing in the creative process. The paper can be dyed beautifully.

Build GOFUN white foundation when painting vibrant colours. Also can be SIZED for extra paint control.

The aesthetic reflects the region well, austere and rugged but very gentle, with keen appreciation for natural materials. Warm and gracious to the touch.

The front surface has a slightly reflective crisp finish, the back is softer.

The paper can take the heavy application of virtually all paints.

By adhering two sheets cross-grain, it is almost impossible to tear.

Responds well to 3d shaping both wet and dry.

There is a front side and back. See pictures. The front side is a touch brighter with a slight sheen.

Generous mid-large format for all usage.

Interesting natural odour.


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