By Kajigase Takashi

Great Handcraft


Unique handcraft from the workshop of Kajigase Takashi.

100% Sekishu pure kozo

Leaves the original serpents painting.

Please note the picture is a colour indication only. Actual product is slightly different. But we can assure that there is no quality difference. All designs are just as great.Perfectly made.

The Little tag on the corner is removable.

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Photography   Honoka Masuda

Kajigase Takashi's workshop is the only workshop dedicated to the craft of Orochi-gami.

This fits about 7 - 10 cards well.

Originally Jado-shi, the high-strength Sekishu kozo paper traditionally produced by the Nishida washi kobo.


The workshop has strong local ties to regional Iwami-Kagura theatre houses from which concertinaed giant serpents retire into its doors. The folk theatre is indigenous to the region of Sekishu washi, and thus has an inseparable relationship to the paper. Everything from set designs to stage props, masks and the giant serpent utilize the papers. The lightweight construction has played a crucial role in the theatre's evolution into one of the most dynamic and lively dramaturgies in the whole of Japan, and remains popular amongst locals today.

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