High White "SHIRO-MASHI" by the Iwano Heizaburou mill

Modern hemp + kozo mix by the preeminent Echizen mill.


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This paper is NOT sized.

Ready-to-mix sizing agent (hides-based) for classic coating

This paper can be used sized or unsized

Kozo, Hemp, Gampi

Approx. 200 x 110cm

Deckled edge

White with a very slight ivory hue. Lightly translucent. Subtle sheen.


50g per square meter

(Please note: Japanese paper is generally lighter in weight per thickness than pulp/cotton based papers.)


Modern, white paper with a highly consistent surface.

Very light, soft to the touch.

Bright colour delivery.

Hemp structural fibres ensure high strength while finer kozo fibres maintain an even surface. Extra fine Gampi fibres provide a smooth surface with extra sheen.

One of the few handmade papers purpose-made for painting. The light weight makes it ideal for projects with delicate and sensitive impressions, with the strength of supporting professional paint layers.

Also a great paper for sumi-e, or any project with Chinese ink.

Excellent feathering/nijimi when moist.

The generous size makes it ideal for large scale work, but it can also be torn into smaller sizes. Kuisaki (meaning moisten along a fine line to pull apart) is a simple method to leave fibrous edges for organic impressions. The same method can be used to produce effective glue margins for the discreet joining of sheets.


Produced in the Iwano Heizaburou mill

Read more about the mill

Honoka Masuda

The mill is one of the most prestigious handcraft mills of the country and specialises in fine art painting papers.

The mill is currently run by the fourth generation craftswoman Makiko Iwano, the great-granddaughter of the eponymous founder, who has made some modern improvements to the century old recipe.


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