Renewed paper "SUKIKAESHI" by Noto Nigyou Washi


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This paper is NOT sized. Painting on it will bleed.

Ready-to-mix sizing agent (hides-based) for effective sizing to prevent feathring and bleeding.

100 x 60 cm approx.

Mixed fibres

Please be aware that each sheet is slightly different.

The paper is made of mixed remnants of the mill's refined papers, with vintage papers from the past that are visible on the surface.

It has the unique texture that is very soft, great for individual artistic use, as well as for letters, invitations, name cards etc that can take advantage of the touch.



Noto Nigyou Washi was founded in the late 1940's by Tohmi Shusaku in a remote location in the Noto Peninsula, completely unrelated to any preexisting paper-making tradition.  The fact it stands on its own in the wilderness has allowed the mill unprecedented freedom and innovated truly individual papers inspired by the surrounding nature. The mill eventually made close contact with the Mingei movement, especially with Bernard Leach, who promoted their papers to a wider audiences.

Courtesy of Noto Nigyou Washi

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