Eggshell "TORINOKO" by the Iwano Heizaburou mill

Densely textured, extremely versatile heritage paper by the Echizen mill.


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This paper is internally sized.


Mitsumata, pulp (Grade 3)

Approx. 200 x 110cm

Deckled edge

Eggshell cream with very subtle sheen

85g per square meter

(Please note: Japanese paper is generally lighter in weight per thickness than pulp/cotton based papers.)


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TORINOKO literally denotes the colour of the paper, soft eggshell cream.

It is a premier line of paper that is marked by its high sheen, for which Echizen-washi is best placed to preserve the skills and standards required. Echizen Torinoko was designated a cultural heritage in Japan in 2016.

There are several mixes of ingredients to this paper. This is a mix of pulp and mistumata. Softer and more absorbent surface makes it ideal for watercolour and other water-based mediums.

Great for inkjets, screens, and other modern printing methods that don’t ask for much weight pressure on the paper. In return, it gives beautiful edge and colour rendering. The paper would be too soft for strenuous multi-colour pressings.

Very pleasant cream, densely textured smooth finish. The paper feels light but has good structure and elasticity.

Very reliable surface, takes most paint mediums.

The paper is extremely user-friendly, ready for immediate use without sizing and foundation. However, a solid white foundation can be laid for extra colour vibrancy.

FOR SOLID WHITE SURFACE: Classically, a foundation white layer is built in Gofun white. Use our ready-to-use organic Classic Gofun White (100% ground Oyster shells).


Produced by the Iwano Heizaburou mill

Read more about the mill here

Honoka Masuda

The mill is one of the most prestigious in the country, and specialises in fine art papers.

It is currently run by the fourth generation craftswoman Makiko Iwano, the great-granddaughter of the eponymous founder, who has made some modern improvements to the century old recipe.


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