Vintage Sekishu

From the workshop of Kajigase Takashi


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This paper is NOT sized. Painting on it may mildly bleed.

Ready-to-mix sizing agent (hides-based) for effective sizing to prevent feathring and bleeding at all.

Price is for approx. 1 square meter of pieces  made up of different sizes.  A Mix of one or two large and long piece(s), a few mid-sized pieces and other smaller pieces.

Please be aware the pieces vary. No return will be accepted

100% Sekishu Kozo, originally Jadoshi.


The vintage Sekishu paper, restored piece by piece by the workshop of Kajigase Takashi, a sekishu handcraft pioneer.

Originally tough sekishu jadoshi used for the local kagura theatre, this is the back supporting layer of Orochi-gami, used for giant serpents' body.

The paper is aged and softened, but has great appeal. May even be just the right time for painting / drawing or any other creative use.

These papers are originally made primarily for strength purpose, thus has no history of strenuous chemical process which usually weaken fibres in return for the whiteness (Please note that whiteness does not always equate to chemical stress. Some achieve great whiteness through ingenuity but it can be generalized especially in modern papermaking).

These papers have so much more life left in them, been kept aside by the craftsman simply out of the tremendous respect the workshop has for the papers.




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