Wild JADO-SHI by the Nishida Washi mill, SEKISHU

Maverick paper from the rugged North Shore setting


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This paper is NOT sized.

Ready-to-mix sizing agent (hides-based) for proper coating

This paper can be used sized or unsized

100% Kozo base

103 x 61cm

Deckled edge

Light amber brown, slight green hues with raw materials

65g per square meter

(Please note: Japanese paper is generally lighter in weight per thickness than pulp/cotton based papers.)


Please contact us with a product name if you require further information.


Rare, limited production.

Combining raw materials and the expertise of Seigi Nishida, one of the country’s top craftsmen.

The paper uniquely expresses the geography and culture of Sekishu in Shimane prefecture. The austere sensitivity found in between rugged, mountainous terrains and tranquil yet moody, wild northern shorelines.

Unprocessed, vascular fibres are supported by a consistent, expertly textured kozo layer. This gives the sheet a remarkable uniformity of weight and gentle elasticity. There is a very refined feel behind the lush impression.

The paper carries a distinct natural scent.

Takes almost all painting mediums and responds well to 3d shaping, both wet and dry.

There is a front side and back. See pictures.

Generous mid-large format for all usage.

Jado-shi is a high-strength paper in continuous ongoing development to cater for the construction of giant, concertinaed serpents in regional folk theatre, of which this Wild Jado-shi is a variant. Jado literally translates as “Serpent’s body”.


T. Kajigase

Superb strength to weight ratio and the ability to hold heavily applied colours, has been critical to the evolution of the high-energy seasonal entertainment.

Shimane Pref.

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