Organic paper by the Osada Seishisho mill following a pre-modern method


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This paper is NOT sized.

Ready-to-mix sizing agent (hides-based) for effective sizing

100%  organic kozo

107 x 200 cm approx.

75 gsm

Light Ivory / Champaign gold

The paper contains small amount of impurities and dark fibres. The surface texture patterns vary.

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From the batch of early 2020 winter.

The 100% organic paper is led by a new generation of Echizen-washi, together with the reliable hands of experienced veterans. The paper is an attempt to revive the lost vision of what nature truly offers for paper.

Made entirely by natural means throughout the process. Completely free of chemical and machines. Read more about the mill and the paper (coming soon).

Made only once a year in the dead of winter, the original method of papermaking produces only about 50 of these spectacular sheets in the Osada Seishisho mill, the leading large format interior paper mill in Echizen.  The paper is made only in this mill.

This paper carries the most incredible sheen. The fibres have an antique tone, however, it is more gold in colour as a piece. The uneven alignment of fibres on the surface creates remarkable natural textures.

A piece holds itself extremely well due to the strong elasticity of the natural fibres.

This type of paper is traditionally used unpainted as a statement in architecture for Fusuma partitions. Great piece on its own and the rare nature of it makes it a collectable item.  It can be hung or framed on its own beautifully.

Great paper for line-led painting/ drawing that can take full advantage of the surface textures for gallery and museum presentations.

Generous large format.


 Kuisaki is a method to 1; apply water with a brush along a thin straight strip, 2; Give a ‘nudge’ over the paper along the line with a blunt tip, 3; flatly pull apart.

It is useful to tear down into smaller sizes with deckled edges as well as to join sheets seamlessly using the long fibres as margins.


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